Thank you, Dr. Bradstreet!

Wicked Witch and Dorothy imageI Hear You: Traveling into the Mind of Autism and the Siblings Who Love Them
by Dr Bradstreet

Recently, at the Autism One conference in Chicago, Virginia Breen, the mother of a 14 year old girl with autism introduced me to the audience. “Ginny” is an amazing mother.  Her daughter does not speak, but she does use keyboards to communicate, so she collated her daughters written poetry into a book called “I AM IN HERE”.  During my talk, now known as: “The Ruby Slipper Lecture”, I used Dorothy’s experience in the Wizard of Oz to help everyone understand what an incredibly exceptional event takes place as a child is taken into the World of Autism. In that lecture I told everyone that I have met some incredibly mean and nasty people – people who cannot think about helping children with autism – much like the Wicked Witch.

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