Speaking at TEDMED, EG: Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month.  It is also National Poetry Month.  This means that we are doubly busy spreading Elizabeth’s message of hope for autism through her poetry.

On April 11th, we are honored to be presenting at the TEDMED conference at the Kennedy Center.  More than 70 scientists, clinicians and other celebrated professionals will be talking about advances in medical science.  Other speakers include NIH Director Francis Collins, Katie Couric and Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern.  Our talk is titled, “When You Finally Find Your Voice, What Do You Most Want to Say?”  Elizabeth’s voice will be heard through her poetry, which is interwoven throughout the talk.  We will let you know when it is posted on the TEDMED website.

Later that week, Elizabeth and I will be flying to Monterrey, California for the EG conference.  We have a whole different talk planned for this arts and innovation conference focused on “Connection.”  We are honored to be presenting with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, NPR’s Scott Simon, and Adam Savage from the popular television show “Mythbusters.”  Again, we will let you know when the video is posted on the EG website.

Finally, we are thrilled to tell you that I Am In Here has been honored with a Mom’s Choice Award.  The Mom’s Choice Director said it best:  “We review literally hundreds of products and services a year that are designed for families and educators working with kids on the spectrum.  Your book is the first of its kind that gives us personal insight on what it’s like on the inside.”  Elizabeth’s poetry gives us this insight.


Virginia and Elizabeth