Selected Poems

  • Me
    I sometimes fear
    That people cannot understand
    That I hear
    And I know
    That they don’t believe I go
    To every extreme
    To try to express
    My need to talk.
    If only they could walk
    In my shoes
    They would share my news:
    I am in here
    And trying to speak every day
    In some kind of way.
  • Me Revisited
    Me Revisited
    I can’t sit still.
    What’s wrong with me?
    My body is doing things
    I can’t explain.
    My dignity
    I am trying to maintain.
    People stare at me
    When I rock and shake.
    I don’t know how much
    More I can take.
    So much to deal with
    Going on inside me.
    I wish I could get better.
    I want to be set free
    From my silent cage.
  • Wanderer
    I am a dreamer.
    That is me.
    The south of France
    I want to see.
    To travel to a distant shore.
    There is something more
    I want to visit a place where I can
    Help people in need
    Maybe to feed
    Or plant a seed.
    These are my dreams.
    I want to do this in my lifetime.
  • The Things I Know for Sure
    The Things I Know for Sure There is a God.
    I am loved.
    The sun will shine.
    I will survive autism.
  • God Loves Us All
    God Loves Us All
    It does not matter who you are
    It does not matter if you stray far
    God is always there for you
    In spite of what you may do
    His love is stronger than anyone can know
    You just have to know to go
    to God.
  • Bright Future
    Bright Future
    When you see
    A tree
    Think of me
    Growing strong and tall.

    When you see
    The sun shining brightly
    Think of me
    Tough and mighty.

    When you see
    The water on the lake
    Think of the future
    I plan to make.