RPM Helps Another Student

Hi My name is Samuel.

I am 16 years old ans I live in California. I also have autism. My mom read your poetry and book to me. I was.very encouraged and uplifted. I am going to meet and work with SOMA in May! Please pray that I will learn how to express myself through the rpm method. I am able to speak but not enough to communicate deeper things and personal thoughts and feelings.

I trust the Lord and look to Him for everything. Thank you for sharing your heart and life in order to help others. It has helped me.

A friend, Sam


Thank you for writing, Sam!  I am always excited to hear about RPM helping another student, verbal or non-verbal.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Rapid Prompting Method, go to the Resources tab and Education sub-tab on this website.

Blessings, Ginnie

  • Rhonda Spellman

    Several years ago I had the divine opportunity to meet Soma at her office. It was a meeting that I will never forget. She is truly an angel and I am incredibly grateful for her and the work she does to help so many.

    Ginnie, you and I have been introduced by our mutual good friend Laurence Becker. You and he never cease to amaze me! In fact, I would love to interview you and Elizabeth Bonker (if possible) for my column, Beyond the Spectrum. My column will be going global next month. It would be truly wonderful to promote the work you do to people around the world. *It’s easy – I send you 10 questions that you respond to via email or (if it’s easier) I can call you. Either way, it’s painless!

    For questions, please contact me here: Rhonda@AutismWithRhonda.com or call / text me: 303-875-8742

    You can read the interview I did with Dr. Becker here: http://autismwithrhonda.com/beyond-the-spectrum-interview-with-dr-laurence-becker/

    Thank you so much!
    ~Rhonda Spellman

    • Ginnie

      Elizabeth and I would be delighted to do an interview with you! Please email me the questions at virginia@bluerockcapital.com so we can have Elizabeth participate as well. Our publisher is releasing the paperback version of I Am In Here this week with a Discussion Guide and updated Epilogue so the timing is perfect.
      Blessings, Ginnie

      • Ginnie

        Sorry, my mistake above. My email address is virginia@IAmInHereBook.com. Ginnie

        • Rhonda Spellman

          Hi Ginnie – so good to see this. *I didn’t receive this message and just received the “error message” that my first email didn’t go through.

          I’ll resend the questions to you right now!
          Thanks so much!!

          p.s. – If you would like for me to do a professional review of your book please let me know. I would do it for free for you.