Internet Resources

iPad Applications

This iPad application includes PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) as well as a typing program but the display is not as big as the one in iMean. If your child is younger and needs PECS, you might want to spend the $219.99 for this program.

iMean iMean
Elizabeth uses this electronic letterboard all day at school and at home. It has large QWERTY, ABC and numeric displays and says what has been typed when the display box is touched. And it only costs $4.99! It’s simple and highly effective.

nacd_apraxiaSpeech Therapy for Apraxia
Only $4.99 in the introductory week. I would pay a lot more for it. It uses repetition in a very engaging way to get kids to repeat sounds which can help them with speech and articulation.



Behavioral Analyst Certification Board: —Official site for licensing behavioral analysts, with lots of links and information regarding Applied Behavioral Analysis.

HALO (Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach): —This is Soma’s site which describes the Rapid Prompting Method.

Autism Organizations

Autism 360:  Free database which allows parents to input their child’s characteristics and find others who are similar and what has helped them.

Autism Research Institute: An autism doctor directory and a database of medical interventions that are working, as reported by parents and research papers, make this a go-to site for parents.

Autism Society of America:  National autism organization with local chapters which can give you information and support.

Autism Speaks: Large autism research and advocacy group.

Generation Rescue: Jenny McCarthy’s autism advocacy group has information on vaccines, and you can sign up for a Rescue Angel who can help you on your journey.

Diet and Supplements

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: A comprehensive site for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

GFCF Diet:  A resource for implementing the gluten-free, casein-free diet.

Kirkman Labs: One of the compounding pharmacies that has many of the supplements that are recommended for children with autism.

New Start Nutrition: “Dr. Mom” Judy Chintz’s consulting practice to help you implement a special diet or get through the supplement maze.

Pain Management

Hesch Manual Therapy:  Jerry Hesch is the therapist that cured Cheryl of chronic pain.