Elizabeth with Soma

The parents of children with autism often ask me: what has helped our children? Is it the special diets, supplements, behavioral therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, chelation, homeopathy, neuro-feedback therapy, vision therapy, porcine whipworms, speech therapy, anti-fungals? The list goes on and on.

Our life with autism has been a rollercoaster ride where each new treatment holds great promise and then disappointment when the promise is not delivered. It’s hard to say what has worked because we have overlapped many of our educational, behavioral and biomedical interventions. Time is of the essence and we don’t have the luxury to wait for the double-blind studies to verify what works.

Parents of children with autism should be prepared for the expert opinions from various caregivers, educators and medical personnel to be wide-ranging and often be conflicting with each other. Sorting it all out is daunting, but doable.

Here is a quick guide of educational, medical and behavioral interventions along with book and internet resources for you to consider. Every child is different. Work with your team to figure out what is right for your child. Autism is treatable!