Question from Roberto: Is it ever too late?

Roberto writes:

I have an 18 yr old grandson who does not speak, he just finished school. Is there an age limit for him to learn?


It’s never too late!  Scientific research shows that our brains have great “plasticity” which means that we learn and grow throughout our lives.

With Elizabeth, I try to read to her everyday and then ask her three (factual) questions about what we have just read.  Even if it looks like she is not listening, I know she is because she can always answer my questions!

I believe the most important thing for your grandson is to find a way for him to communicate to you.  This can start with simple YES and NO index cards which can give him control over his life and move toward a letterboard and iPad using RPM.  You can find books and websites in the Resources section of our website to help you help him.

Never give up, Roberto.  We are trying to change the world’s view of autism.  Our children and grandchildren may act differently but Elizabeth has taught me that just because a person can’t speak, doesn’t mean that he can’t hear, think and feel.

Blessings, Ginnie


  • Pamela

    I heard you on Moody Radio. You have given me hope for my step-grandson. Pray his mother will be interested in pursing this.  She has given up.