Please share your story with us: Our children are “in there.”

Hi Virginia,

This morning, flipping through channels, I stumbled upon your touching interview on the 700 club. I sat here in tears as I read through the excerpt from the book.

Reading Elizabeth’s comments throughout made me know my daughter must be having similar thoughts.

My daughter Lindsay is 23 and non-verbal. I know on a deep personal level what you know – that she is IN THERE. Like you and Elizabeth, Lindsay and I share an inexplicable bond. She is my world – I am hers. I am so grateful for that.

I just wanted to say thank you for your work. I went from WHY to HOW about 10 years ago, a step that allowed us to move forward.

Please let Elizabeth know her helpful words traveled to South Carolina :-)

Gods blessings,
Mary Ellen
Lindsay’s mom

Mary Ellen,

Thank you for sharing your love for your daughter with us.  Love comes through so much more than just the spoken word.

Have you found a way for her to communicate with you her wants and needs?  If not, many people start with YES / NO cards and then I would encourage you to look into the Soma’s Rapid Prompting Method under Resources on this website.  Of course, there is other information about biomedical strategies under Resources as well.  We are big believers in educational and biomedical interventions at any age.

It warms my heart to hear you say that you found a way to move forward by deciding to change from being a WHY person to a HOW person.  We each have that choice every day.

Blessings, Ginnie