Life is Good and Crazy


Life is good and also crazy busy right now. The best news is Elizabeth is doing SOOOOOOO well. She is happy again and even writing some poetry! She loves her new school, Montgomery Academy. and is doing all her school work on her iPad. She went through two years of Hell but she is back with us and we are so grateful to the doctors and therapists who helped us through that difficult time.

Now to the “crazy” part. Elizabeth and I have been asked to speak at two incredible conferences in April: TEDMED at the Kennedy Center ( and EG in Monterrey, California ( We are thrilled! This weekend we are filming Elizabeth with Soma and at home so she can participate in these presentations with her own voice. So please forgive me if I’m not blogging too much. I’m crazy with writing these presentation talks, trying to get Elizabeth’s message of “I Am in Here” singing throughout.

Please stay in touch. We have gotten so many wonderful emails and posts. Know we have read them all and will respond ASAP.

Hugs, Ginnie