Letter from Isabel

Dear Virginia,

At the end of your book you wrote that Elizabeth tested positive for a virus. Could you share what type of virus, treatment and if any gains? My nephew age is 11, has the same diagnosis, my sister like you and any parents with children with autism, has tried many treatments, including prayers from John of God (omega institute NY), she also tried different medications that make him worst. It seems that my Nephew, Andrew has some type of physical illness as he can not he bangs his head and cries as in pain. Doctors have not find anything yet. Perhaps the virus your daughter tested positive for, could give us something to help Andrew and his pain.

Thank you!



A number of readers have written to us asking about the treatment we used to help Elizabeth at the end of the book. We didn’t mean to make it a mystery but it was so early in the treatment, we didn’t want to write too much about it, just in case it didn’t work. Well, we are now more than a year into it and Elizabeth is doing well. So, I would like to share with you and our other readers what we are doing.

Once a week we give Elizabeth a tiny injection (homeopathic dosage) of a natural macrophage activator called GcMAF.  It was recommended to us by Dr. Bradstreet and he has written about it extensively on his blog.  You can order GcMAF directly from this company in England without a doctor’s involvement but we have preferred to have our doctor assist us.  As you can read on Dr. Bradstreet’s blog and the company website, GcMAF activates the immune system to fight off viruses and it may also play a role in moderating calcium channels.  We believe that it has made a big difference in helping Elizabeth to feel better and stop hitting herself.

Blessings, Ginnie