Helminth Therapy


I would like to find out how Judy got porcine whipworms.  My grandson has Crohn’s Disease and those whipworms are supposed to lead to remission.

Thank you, Kathleen



I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you.  We have been overwhelmed with responses to Elizabeth’s book.

There are many scientific Here is a site with lots of information on helminth therapy:  http://helminthictherapy.com/.  This site talks about Ovamed as a porcine whipworm provider.  That is where we got ours.  In our book, we talk about Judy starting with whipworms but then moving to hookworms because they are more cost effective.  You can get hookworms from:  http://www.wormtherapy.com/ or http://autoimmunetherapies.com/helminthic-therapy-worm-therapy-index.html.  They can now ship them into the US so it makes them easier to get.  (You don’t need to go to Mexico as Judy did.)

I believe that autism is an autoimmune disease and Elizabeth has been going to an immunologist who has been treating her with multiple antibiotics and IVIG.  It is really helping to calm down her immune system.  So, if the worm don’t work, you may want to look into this approach as well.

I hope this helps your grandson.

Blessings, Ginnie