Happy (week after) Mother’s Day!

I took yesterday off – off my computer, that is, and spent it with my kids.

Today I wanted to give a big hug to all the Moms out there who are making a difference every day for their kids. With all doctor visits, IEP meetings, therapy sessions and keeping it together at home, you are to be celebrated.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we would like to share two events with you.

Mom's Choice Awards logoFirst, we are honored that I Am In Here has received a Gold Award from the Mom’s Choice Awards. In a post to our Facebook page, the Director of Mom’s Choice said that this was the first book they have read that gives an insider’s view of what it is like to live with autism. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Second, we have been blessed to have Elizabeth’s story and poetry featured on CBN and ABC Family. You can see Elizabeth typing out answers to questions like “What inspires you?” with her wonderful aide, Terri. I have tried to give a Mom’s view of our journey and I hope it inspires parents to keep fighting the battle another day.

Blessings, Ginnie