Geoff: Inspired in Maine Group Home

Hello Elizabeth,

I just finished reading your book, I read it all in 5 days and have a full cup of hope, joy and inspiration. I have worked in a group home in Maine for 3 years and have enjoyed the company of many beautiful people with autism. I currently work with two boys with autism and wanted to let you know how much you have helped me see that they are “in there” and they are beautiful. They do funny things that I couldn’t understand before and probably never will, but now I can at least appreciate them and not try too hard to understand it all. In your “me” poem on Page 23 you explained that you want people to be heard and respected, especially people like you. I am writing to you to let you know that thanks to you and your book, NJ and JT are being heard and respected and I believe they have expressed their gratitude for my new patience and understanding! Unfortunately for NJ and JT, living in a group home does not provide the same amount of persistent love and devotion that your mother is able to give. Please pray for NJ and JT and the staff here. I am passing the book on to my coworkers who are eagerly waiting to learn as much as I have through your story. Many staff and clients will be blessed by your book. I praise God for you and thank our Lord Jesus for your testimony and will keep you in prayer.

God bless,

ps – here’s a poem for you:
Like a beautiful flower
quiet and light
you dream of your future
a star shining bright
you are a beacon of hope
to those who are silent
the powers of illness
will have no triumph
if you look in the dictionary under “those who have conquered”
surely you’ll see Elizabeth Bonker

pps: I know you love nature so if you’ve never been to Maine I would certainly recommend it! we’ve got more coast than california, plenty of mountains short and tall, and lots of lakes and rivers big and small


I must say that your email greatly touched my heart. It has taken me a while to post it because I wanted Elizabeth to respond as well, especially since the email is addressed to her, and she has not been feeling well.  But she did answer it today and wrote:


Thank you for the nice poem. I am glad there are people like you that work with kids like me.  Thank you so much.


Blessings, Ginnie