I Am in Here | The Journey of a Child with Autism <br />Who Cannot Speak but Finds Her Voice

I Am in Here is the spiritual journey of a mother and daughter who refuse to give up hope, who celebrate their victories, and who keep trying to move forward despite the obstacles. Although she cannot speak, Elizabeth writes poetry that shines a light on the inner world of autism and the world around us. That poetry and her mother's stirring storytelling combine in this inspirational book to proclaim that there is always a reason to take the next step forward--with hope.

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"Heartbreaking and powerfully inspirational." - Tom Brokaw, NBC News
"I Am in Here is simply astonishing! Get this book." - Richard Foster best-selling author
"Elizabeth's beautiful poetry clearly shows she has a good mind." - Temple Grandin, best-selling author
"She is a true inspiration." - Jenny McCarthy, president, Generation Rescue
"We all face battles in life and, together, we can triumph." - Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmentalist
"Virginia never lost hope that her daughter would one day find her voice." - Suzanne Wright, founder, Autism Speaks